Getting Started with modern beadmaking

This page will contain a few resources and links for those interested in getting started in this craft. It is mosly avaliable here for those that have attended or is attending one of my Demos at some point.

I do not really teach classes, I don’t have the space and equipment to do so but i can arrange private lessons and I will gladly help anyone to get started and finding the right gear.

Glas och Gasol – a short leaflet in swedish about the basics.


Shop links

(Im based in Sweden so the links are concentrated to Europe)

Berlin beads  – they have a great range of Effetre Glass and are Very quick and effective. I love their service, helping me find my package when the Swedish mail cant tell where it is…

Glas Gestaltung – I have bought some tools and books from them and they also sell silver beadliner. They have a lot of different tools and quite good service.

Tuffnell  I got my oxygen-concentrator from them, and they did send me a second one when the first did not work.