The Beadmakers Songbook

Some years ago (2012) I decided to put together a songbook for use in the SCA. Its been updated a few times throughout the years. It is mostly used by the shire I belong to (Holmrike in the principality of Nordmark in Drachenwald).

The songs are divided into two books according to language and are presented in alfabetical order. It has now been updated post Corona, to version 3.1 June 2021.

The Beadmakers Songbook – Swedish

The Beadmakers Songbook – English

The songs are not chosen for any type of historical accuracy and I do not claim any rigths to them but share them with proper permissions in those cases that it is relevant. If in some way your song have ended up in here and you do not want it there, please contact me. (If I dont answer immidiately it is probably the spamfilter in wordpress, try facebook 🙂 )