Moa Råhlander

Moa Råhlander is the author of this page and is an Archaeologist and Illustrator.
At the moment I am a PhD student at Stockholm university, you can read about my research here.

Artistic Education and work:

I am educated in several different artistic materials; Glass bead making at Kosta Boda (2008), Metal Art smithing at Nyckelviksskolan (2008-2009), Tannery at Bäckedal (2011) Bronze casting and stone masonry at Skinnskattebergs Folkhögskola (2006-2007).

I have also done Illustrating work at Skärgårdskunskap and the Historical Museum in Stockholm.

I have also taught shorter courses in glass beadmaking in Pennsylvania during the years 2011, 2012 and 2014.